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Good Lessons from Bad Guys


Good Lessons from Bad Guys

By Michael A. O’Neal

Open any page of the Bible, and you’re apt to find a lesson you can use in many aspects of your life. Scripture is full of righteous, good, and encouraging characters from whom we can learn much about love, life, and eternal life.

The Bible also is full of stories about people who aren’t so loving and encouraging. Just like life, Scripture includes a host of unsavory and downright despicable characters. These people are peppered throughout some of the more obscure stories in the Bible. They’re the main characters in some of the stories that aren’t typically covered.

Whether these stories are new to you or not, you will be exposed to fresh material you can use in contemporary settings. God placed them in His Word for a reason, and through this study, you can learn some markedly good lessons from bad guys.

Table of Contents – Good Lessons from Bad Guys

Preface & Acknowledgements
1. Nabal – Provoked by a Fool
2. Ananias & Sapphira – Caught in ‘The Acts’
3. Shimei – Faith & Stone Throwers
4. Hophni & Phineas – Preying Priests
5. Doeg – The Opportunist
6. Herod Antipas – People-Pleasing & Preposterous Promises
7. Demetrius – Inciting and Instilling
8. The Ten Spies – Faith of the Faithless

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