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And behold, a severe earthquake occurred,
for an angel of the Lord had descended from
heaven and came and rolled away the stone…
“He is not here, for He has risen…”
(Matthew 28:2,6)


“Mike O’Neal’s Spirituality & Space Flight Seminar is fantastic. So many people are fascinated with the idea of space travel, which makes this seminar perfect as an outreach opportunity to the community. Mike’s seminar blends the adventure, imagination, and courage of American space flight with the impact that faith has on those who dare to go beyond. Both church members and visitors alike continue to talk about this inspiring seminar. “

Vic Pruett, Minister
Holly Hill Church of Christ, Daytona Beach, Fl

“When we had Mike out to speak twice for our church, one leader said, “it was a perfect day with the perfect speaker.” Mike’s stories of faith-in-practice at NASA resonated with a number of members and guests and have helped spark conversations about faith with believers and non-believers in the days since his visit. I’m grateful for the work Mike does since it provides an avenue for many to see there’s a role for faith in STEM fields and for Christians to not be afraid of today’s science and tech advances.”

Eric Hallett, Minister
Glen Rock Church of Christ (Glen Rock, PA)

The West Orange Church of Christ in Winter Garden, Florida invited Mike O’Neal to speak for two Sundays in August of 2015. He spoke the first week on “Spirituality and Spaceflight” and the second week Mike shared his research on angels and what we learn from their worship of the Father.

In “Spirituality and Spaceflight” Mike shared his experiences from his 30+ years at NASA and delved into the spiritual life of our astronauts and what helps sustain them in their faith while in space. This multi-media presentation is moving, informative and inspiring. You will be in awe as Mike shares stories about the astronauts spiritual life and their faith in God and as you relive America’s greatest accomplishments in spaceflight. You will be moved to tears at the emotional testimonies of astronauts and how they were drawn to God and you will be inspired as you encounter God in a whole new light. Mike’s presentation will interest both the young and old and will attract outsiders who are have an interest in this topic.

In Mike’s lesson on “Angels” Mike takes you to the throne room of God and you will be inspired by how the angels worship our Father. You will be impressed with the research Mike has done on the subject of angels, but mostly you will be touched deeply in your soul as you encounter the Almighty God from the view of His angels.

I recommend these presentations without reservation. They are good for your church but they are also a great opportunity to reach out into the community with a great positive message that will inspire others.

Allen Mann, Administrative Minister
West Orange Church of Christ (Winter Garden, FL)

“Mike O’Neal provided the Central Florida Bible Camp Men’s Retreat with three great lessons about Space and Spirituality and how the Angels Proclaim the Holiness of God. I was especially delighted with Mike’s first lesson about the spirituality of the astronauts. I loved listening to the actual recordings of the astronauts reading God’s word and sharing their faith. I also loved getting a taste of Mike’s message about the angels and the message that the angels bring to we humans about God. The messages by Mike at our weekend were way too short (not Mike’s fault but the nature of the schedule) and left me wanting more. I’m hoping to have Mike speak to our congregation one of these days. I have been able to get to know Mike through our monthly preacher’s meetings. I always enjoy listening to Mike share his heart in the various topics we discuss. Mike’s heartfelt spirituality and commitment to Our Lord really comes out in his seminar messages. Mike is truly a good and faithful servant to Our Lord and Savior. I highly recommend Mike’s lessons.”

Bob Bliss, Pulpit Minister
Mount Dora Church of Christ (Mount Dora, FL)

In February, 2015 the Central Church of Christ in Sarasota hosted Michael O’Neal for an evening of Spirituality and Spaceflight. I had known Michael through his visits to Central while on vacation and through the Spiritual Growth Workshop in Orlando. I had read his book An Angel’s View and had heard of his presentation on spaceflight as it regards spirituality based on his days as an engineer at NASA. As church leaders we try to find ways to draw folks in so we can have discussions about spiritual things. Admittedly our culture is making this more and more difficult. We need substantive messages that do more than entertain, but also capture the interest of seekers. Michael’s presentation did both. He provided a serious discussion about faith produced and enhanced by spaceflight experiences, as well as providing us with an interesting approach and a not often heard message. Michael’s sincere and easy style of presentation allowed the message to speak for itself. We tried to make for a fun evening by providing space themed decorations and refreshments. We had a couple of astronomers set up a telescope to allow folks to view the night sky after the event. We did some giveaways to our guests such as space ice cream and some evidences brochures from Apologetics Press. We also held Michael over for Sunday morning to present two messages from his work on Angels, both of which were well received. Our attendance for all events was up, and the presentation on spaceflight attracted at least 30-40 visitors to Central. We were blessed to have Michael and would encourage others to have him come to your congregation.

Rod Myers, Minister
Central Church of Christ, Sarasota, FL

I first heard Mike at a conference in Daytona Beach, FL, and I knew immediately he needed to come and do a seminar for our church in East Texas. We titled our seminar “Encountering God through the Heavens and The Heavenly Hosts” and Mike was able to deliver lessons on Spirituality in Spaceflight, as well as other lessons on Angels and their roles in pointing us toward the Heavenly Father.

Because of Mike’s past experiences with NASA and his extensive research on angels, each of his lessons were incredibly interesting and unique. This seminar was not only well received by the members of our congregation, but the community showed quite a bit of interest as well. Mike is an accomplished speaker who puts quite a bit into this media filled seminar. Throughout the presentation you are able to see both beautiful pictures of our world from space and historic moments in our nation’s history in spaceflight, and Mike does an excellent job of showing how God is glorified by so many members of our space program.

Mike’s lesson which compares the Challenger Disaster and the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ was fantastic. In this lesson he brings you into the launch room at NASA and you experience the thoughts, fears, and emotions that surrounded the Challenger Explosion, then he uses his extensive research on angels to help you travel in your mind to the throne room of God as Jesus was crucified. This lesson is powerful and unique to Mike’s experiences and research, and it definitely points to the greatness of our God.

Lane Brown, Family Minister
Chandler Street Church of Christ (Kilgore, TX)

“Mike O’Neal’s “Spirituality& Spaceflight” program was outstanding for our church family and campus ministry here at University City Church of Christ in Gainesville. His insights into how the men & women who have served this country in our space program and how God’s spirit impacted them on their journeys are amazing. I would highly recommend this to any church or group wanting to learn more about Christian evidences from NASA and the changed lives because of it.”

Donny Dillon, UF Campus Minister Gators for Christ
University City Church of Christ (Gainesville, FL)

“We were blessed recently to have Mike O’Neal with us to conduct a seminar dealing with his study of angels. Our people were excited about his being with us. Mike had obviously studied the subject very carefully and presented his material in a reasonable and interesting way. There were several things I appreciated about his presentation. One of the things I appreciated most, and to me was thought provoking, was how he emphasized what we can learn about God from our study of angels. I had been reading material about God, preparing for a series of sermons. So this was interesting to me. It was a great weekend. I can certainly recommend his excellent book, An Angel’s View and his seminar.”

Jimmy Goins, Pulpit Minister
Heartland Family Church of Christ (Lake Placid, FL)

“We were blessed to have Mike come to our congregation and do his presentation on Spirituality and Space Flight. There was a lot of interest in the congregation for this presentation and Mike delivered. He presented things that we had never heard anywhere else in a way that was so humble and engaging. I heard a lot of positive feedback following the presentation. This was definitely a “win” for the congregation and for the kingdom! I would definitely recommend having Mike present this information in any of a variety of settings from schools to churches to lectures. It is worth hearing. You won’t forget it.”

Matt Dabbs, Associate Minister
Northwest Church of Christ (St Petersburg, FL)

“My wife & I met Mike O’Neal at the North American Christian Convention in Orlando during the summer of 2012. I was immediately struck by Mike’s humility & kindness when we first met. Our church was honored to have Mike speak with us several months later on “Spirituality and Spaceflight.” Mike’s stories are captivating, his communication style engaging, and his faith in Christ evident. With a mixture of seriousness & humor, laughter & sadness, our congregation thoroughly enjoyed Mike’s presentation that provides an insiders glimpse of the impact of faith on the space program over the years. I strongly suggest inviting Mike to your congregation as they will be both encouraged & challenged in their walk with God.”

Mike Harshman, Senior Minister
Brooksville Christian Church (Brooksville, FL)

“Mr. O’Neal visited our campus for two days in February 2013. His presentations to our faculty and our students, grade 6-12, made a strong impression on all who attended. He even made a last minute visit to one of our 4th grade classes and did a phenomenal job bringing it down to a level they could understand and relate to. After seeing how he was able to engage the individual classes I wished I had scheduled him to do some follow-up in a majority of our bible classes. His ability to connect NASA and Faith was enlightening and refreshing as we saw how God impacts the lives of those we know by name but not their entire stories. I look forward to the opportunity to have him visit our school again and utilize his expertise and knowledge in our classrooms. In His Grip!”

Gene Gottlieb, Campus Minister
Christ’s Church Academy (Jacksonville, FL)

“It is with honor and delight that I commend Mike O’Neal for an absolutely fabulous presentation in North Carolina in Rocky Mount and at Brooks Ave. Church of Christ Raleigh, NC. He presented “Spirituality and Spaceflight” in middle schools, high school, to college students, churches and in a large venue at NC Wesleyan College where the whole community was invited. Crowds were wrapped in attention and awe of the glory of God and in His magnificence. Although I’ve seen the presentation numerous times, I’ve never lost the sense of the awesomeness of God and the aliveness of the universe that is so powerfully portrayed by Mike. My lower jaw was on the floor and my eyes gushed with tears during much of these presentations.

In a very humble manner he connects well with young and old alike. O’Neal taught Sunday morning Bible class and preached the sermon at the Westside Church of Christ in Rocky Mount. His class on the holiness of God was insightful. His sermon was incredible in the way he intertwined his first-hand experience with the explosion of the Challenger Space Shuttle with the crucifixion of Christ. Mike’s two books, An Angel’s View: Encountering God through the Stories of the Heavenly Hosts, and Holy God, Holy People, were well received and were a good adjunct to his presentations. I wholeheartedly endorse Mike O’Neal and strongly encourage churches, schools, universities, clubs, Boy Scout troops and other groups to invite Mike to present in your area. You will not regret this opportunity.”

Dr. Bill Searcy, D. Min.
Pastoral Counseling Therapist and former Missionary, Brooks Ave. Church of Christ (Raleigh, NC)

“From liftoff to landing, Mike O’Neal took us on a remarkable journey all the way from the cross and tomb to the Moon and into the throne room of heaven. Through the thoughts and words of the astronauts, he offered never before heard stories of the spiritual dimension of spaceflight. To that he added the first hand observations of the angels who have seen God and the events of history in a way that we have not. Through their eyes, our vision is improved to see the Holy One more clearly than ever. Mike’s three presentations left us spiritually energized and impressed with the greatness of our God.”

Mike Hinrichs, Pulpit Minister
Westside Church of Christ (Rocky Mount. NC)

“I’ll be honest and tell you that I was somewhat skeptical when approached by one of our members who had been contacted while Mike O’ Neal was in our area….to see if he could come and speak to our congregation. He spent the whole day with us teaching our Sunday morning Bible class on “Angels”, talking about “Holiness” during our worship period, and “Spirituality and Spaceflight” during our evening service. We were all captivated by his lessons and I was impressed with his scholarship and “common sense” approach in his presentations from the scriptures. His personal experiences, which were intertwined in the presentations, demonstrate his passion for the Lord during his work for NASA and now….even more so….in Ministry.

I was so impressed with Mike and his work that I came back to hear him present again on “Spirituality and Spaceflight” at Wesleyan College, an area four year private educational institution in Rocky Mount, NC, where approximately 250-300 people were in attendance and enjoyed his presentation and the question and answer session afterward. As a result of that engagement a number of visitors from the community came to hear him speak at the local congregation, that helped sponsor his visit in the area, the following Sunday and I’ve heard nothing but positive things about his time there. I’m reading and have purchased a number of his books and given them to friends of mine as well and highly recommend him to any congregation or group interested in benefitting from his services and wanting to learn more about God’s glory in the creation of Earth and the Heavenly realm!”

Mel Powers, Pulpit Minister
Wilson Church of Christ (Wilson, NC)

“It is my pleasure to recommend the Spirituality in Spaceflight program which was created and presented by Mike O’Neal. Mr. O’Neal worked as a manger at NASA prior to retirement. During his tenure there he was able to do research involving the outstanding men and women of the Astronaut Corps. His research and experience at NASA gave him phenomenal knowledge and insights which made him remarkably qualified to develop this presentation.

Even if you are not a Space Program enthusiast, this is not something that you want to miss. It is well presented, eye-opening and stirring. It illuminates a unique facet of the personalities of the heroes who put themselves in danger to confront the challenges of space. Most of us recognize the fact that these individuals are outstanding leaders with grittiness, boldness and determination. This presentation gives us a glimpse into their vulnerability and humanity. It does not lessen our admiration for them, but rather inspires us and stimulates us to pursue growth in our own spirituality.

Kudos to Mike O’Neal for an outstanding presentation.”

Charlie & Gayle Griffin, Elder & Wife
North Brevard Church of Christ (Titusville, FL)

“You know things went very well with a presentation when people are still talking about it days later. That’s exactly how it’s been since Mike presented his collective messages for the adult class during our 2012 VBS. He began Sunday night with an awesome presentation entitled, “Spirituality and Space Flight” followed by three more messages, Monday through Wednesday based on his book, “An Angel’s View.” Mike’s balance of knowledge, confidence, and humility not only captivated our adult crowd, but also provoked and engaged them to think deeper and realize how significant and meaningful the role of Angels has been in God’s plan. Mike’s extensive background with NASA along with his passion and willingness to serve God in this way make him a rare find amongst us as Believers. His ability to take science based subject matter like space flight, along with the on-going mystery of angels, and then easily convey an effective message to us as a diverse crowd, was impressive and very much appreciated.

I strongly recommend Mike as a gifted facilitator who will share his knowledge with your adult audience and make a unique and lasting impression.”

Matthew Betz
Minister, NW Tampa Church of Christ

“Mike came to Boone and gave two presentations on Sunday morning which were based on his book, An Angel’s View. On Wednesday evening Mike gave a presentation on Spirituality and Spaceflight.

Mike has clearly done a great deal of research in preparation for An Angel’s View and his dedication to the approach he takes to his work was evident in both of his presentations. Our congregation benefited greatly as we came to a deeper understanding of the role of angels as presented in God’s Word. The insight we gained into the role of God’s angels equipped us with a better understanding of God! Mike’s presentations reminded us of the depth of God’s love for us as well as the importance of our worship to Him.

Additionally, Mike’s background at NASA combined with his knowledge of the Scriptures makes him uniquely qualified to speak on the subject of Spirituality and Spaceflight. His presentation captivated our attention as it emphasized the power and the majesty of our God!

All of Mike’s presentations were excellent! They were both informative and inspirational. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone considering having him come and speak!”

Randy Covalt
Minister, Boone Church of Christ, Boone, NC

“In my role as the Program Coordinator for the Christian Education Conference, I wanted someone who could lead our morning devotionals in a way that would not only inform but also inspire and motivate. Mike was perfect for this purpose. His unique blend of Scripture magnifying the majesty and power of God with the experiences of those connected with NASA have had with the creation of God, invoked an awe for who God is and what He has done and continues to do. Mike’s presentation touched the heart as much as it touched the head. Coming from a former NASA engineer, I think the presentation surprised a lot of us. But it reminded us of the God-size hole that has been placed in every man and woman – even in those who spend their lives on matters of intellect – and the wonderful opportunity we have to guide others to know the One who can fill that hole. Thanks, Mike, for allowing God to use you in such an exceptional way.”

Dewey Howard
2011 Christian Education Conference Program Chair

“Mike O’Neal made two wonderful multi-media presentations to our church in September of 2011. He preached a lesson based on the topic of Spirituality and Spaceflight and then continued to build on this unique and encouraging message in a special presentation for combined classes (teens through adults). Both lessons were very well received, and everyone was intrigued by the stories he presented. His background as a NASA engineer brought a genuineness to his stories that one rarely hears. He is a man with faith in God sharing how faith impacted many of the astronauts as they journeyed into space.”

Steve McLeod
Growth Group Minister at Cordova Community Church of Christ

“An Angels View has had such a profound impact on my relationship with God that I requested the author, Michael O’Neal, to speak to our Singles Ministry at our church (Launch Singles Conference 2012). As I had been impacted, so too were those who attended our conference. Michael had a wonderful, sweet, and unique way of teaching. Through his experiences with NASA, analytical mind, and knowledge of angels, he utilized stories concerning our redemption from God’s Word, along with the Crucifixion and Resurrection, to show just how much God loves us. Stories of how the angels worship and praise God were used to help us in our approach to worshipping God. Employing the biblical accounts of how God used angels to watch over His people and fulfill His will, Michael demonstrated God’s care and love for us. After reading this book and hearing Michael’s teaching at our conference, how would anyone not have a closer relationship with God? It has had a profound impact on each of those who attended the conference or read his book. Many said it was such an awesome encounter with God, and they loved every minute of it. I was overwhelmed with the accolades from people telling me how much of an impact it has had on their spiritual closeness to God. I cannot fully express my appreciation for such an uplifting teaching. Through An Angel’s View, Michael used the stories in God’s Word and captivated God’s love in a manner people understood. I hope you read this book, check out his website, and ask him to speak at your church. We appreciate Michael’s hard work and dedication in preparing and speaking to us for a whole weekend! Contact Michael, it is a paradigm you will have to experience!! We love Michael and his work and hope you will take the time to be fed with this loving message of God’s love from An Angel’s View. Read this book and you will absolutely grow and develop a closer relationship to our loving God and Savior! This book will enrich your relationship and bless your spiritual life forever more!”

Carol Burkard
Organizer of the Launch Singles Conference

“It is with great pleasure Mike that I express to you my deep appreciation for your three exceptional presentations on “An Angel’s View” at the 2010 Spiritual Growth Workshop.  Your rich research was evident and coupled with your unique background as a NASA engineer provided an insightful and inspirational view of the wonder and sovereignty of God through the biblical stories about angels.  It was with considerable interest that each of your classes were so well received and attended. Thank you again for your contribution to the success of this year’s workshop.

Dr. Joe Roberts
Director, Spiritual Growth Workshop

We invited Mike O’Neal to present a three part lesson (Sunday morning Bible class, Sunday AM worship and Sunday PM worship) on “What Angels Teach Us”. The Sunday he spoke was our Harvest Sunday and the building was full of members and visitors to hear his lessons. Many congregations were represented, some from other states.

His presentations were informative, thought provoking and inspiring. His unique experiences with the Space Program at NASA combined with messages from God’s Word captured the attention of the audience in all three lessons. I would highly recommend these lessons and I look forward to reading and learning more about God and his Angels from Mike’s book “An Angel’s View”.

Mike Angley
Elder, Holly Hill church of Christ

“I first heard Mike speak at the Pepperdine Lectures, in May 2006, where Mike presented a lecture on what the angels have to teach us about the holiness of God. The classroom where Mike made his presentation was packed. Mike did a very good job during this lecture, leaving all in attendance wishing he had more to say on this subject

Some time later, I was privileged to hear Mike speak in chapel, at Harding University Graduate School of Religion. There, Mike presented an inspiring devotional based on his research at NASA concerning “spirituality and spaceflight.” Mike’s presentation that day left no eye dry—the word “moving” does not do it justice.

Through those presentations, and through conversations I had with Mike in the intervening years, I came to appreciate the passion with which Mike approached his studies and his work. And through the years, I have been excited to hear of Mike’s plans to turn his research on the subject of angels and on “spirituality and spaceflight” into first a book, and then a series of lectures.

So when I heard that a church in Idaho had invited Mike to make a presentation at a church retreat of this material, I contacted Mike and asked if he would be interested in prolonging his trip west in order to make a series of presentations at our church.

Mike enthusiastically agreed, and we began planning the event. From beginning to end, it was a pleasure to work through the planning process with Mike. Mike cares about details: he is organized, thorough, and thoroughly prepared.

Our church worked hard to prepare for Mike’s lesson series, which we called “a four-part conversation” since “conversation” is connotatively more appealing than “lecture.” We advertised locally and across the state. In the end, we had people come from all across the State of Montana, traveling as much as five hundred miles one way to attend Mike’s presentations.

Our small, small-town congregation was blessed to have a wonderful turnout to hear Mike; representatives from most of the other churches in town attended, making it a cross-denominational event.

Mike’s presentations were each inspiring and informative. Mike’s deep knowledge and detailed scholarship on the subject were apparent to everyone in attendance. He spoke with conviction and clarity. He handled the questions after his lectures with the same confidence and knowledge evident in his presentations, and questions that were challenging, Mike handled with grace. Everyone came away from Mike’s presentations feeling as though it had been worth their time and effort to attend. A recent survey we conducted in our congregation asked for feedback from the congregation on Mike’s presentation, and the feedback we received was unanimously positive. The same is true for feedback we received from those outside our congregation who attended. Our congregation believes this was one of the most successful events we have held in years.

I can give an unqualified recommendation to anyone considering having Mike come to make a presentation at their church, school, lectureship, or any other event. And knowing the type of scholarship Mike engages in, I look forward with anticipation the publication of Mike’s book.

Should you wish to speak with me more on this matter, please email me at our church, at, or phone me at 406-285-3780.”

David Ford
Minister, Church of Christ in Three Forks, Montana

“I first heard Mike O’Neal’s Spirituality and Spaceflight presentation during a short Chapel talk at Harding Graduate School of Religion. I was so moved by his presentation that I asked him if he had a full-length version and perhaps some further similar material suitable for a retreat. With his affirmative answer, I asked Mike to come to Sandpoint, Idaho for our church’s annual Labor Day Retreat, which he did in 2009. The entire congregation would agree with me that we were not disappointed. Mike’s presentations on both Spirituality and Spaceflight and What Angels Teach Us About God were moving, inspiring, and informative. His thirty years at NASA have given Mike a unique experience thorugh which to interpret and illustrate spiritual and Biblical truths. And with his personable and genuine demeanor Mike has special gift for communicating those truths to his audience. The two talks (Spaceflight, and Angels) are wholly unique. I doubt that anyone but Mike has studied the spiriutal lives of astronauts. And while angels have been spoken and written about by many, I have neither heard nor read any material that look at what angels teach us about God. And I am confident that the soon-to-be-published book will be a valuable addition to libraries of scholars and lay persons alike. I know he would be embarrased for me to say so, but I believe Mike is a gift from God to the Lord’s church, and I highly recommend that churches take advantage of this special gift.”

Randy Hohf
Pulpit Minister, Sandpoint Church of Christ, Idaho

“Michael O’Neal, Manager, Lunar Surface Systems Concepts at Kennedy Space Center was the keynote presenter for our annual Brevard County Chaplain’s Conference in 2008. Mike presented his moving research on the pronounced spirituality surrounding the individuals and institutions that have pioneered spaceflight in both the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Filled with graphic quotes and pictures, Mike shares the antidotal stories of innumerable astronauts and their missions both to the Moon and about Earth, our island home. From their own stories, it is apparent that their individual quest for God was a driving force, both personally and professionally, in our flight into space. Our conference participants were wowed and responded with a standing ovation to the pivotal place spirituality played in the lives of these pioneers in space flight.”

The Rev. Robert Bruckart, Ph.D., LMHC
Director of Pastoral Care at Health First, Inc.

“Retired NASA employee, Mike O’Neal, brings an interesting and stimulating insight into the spiritual dimension of the heroes (astronauts) of space. It is powerful, it is compelling, it has the actual photos and audio transmissions from past Apollo and Space Shuttle Missions, it is heart wrenching and it is a spiritually moving experience.”

Larry Kreider
President & CEO of the Gathering of Men

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