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Seminars and Presentations by Mike O'Neal

And behold, a severe earthquake occurred,
for an angel of the Lord had descended from
heaven and came and rolled away the stone…
“He is not here, for He has risen…”
(Matthew 28:2,6)


“Mike O’Neal brings together the analytical gifts of a NASA engineer, the heart of a servant of Christ, and the rich experiences of someone who has integrated his faith with life experiences into a study that enriches your relationship with God. The informative explanatory boxes and study questions reflect careful research. His own stories make it very readable and interesting. The thematic approach provides opportunities for discussion and application that will richly bless your spiritual life.”

Evertt W. Huffard
VP/Dean at Harding University Graduate School of Religion

“The Biblical material on angels is like a patchwork quilt. We get one piece here, another there, and on it goes. We end up with material of different shapes and colors. How does it all fit together? Popular culture often reduces the teaching on angels to a cute creature with wings that sits on our shoulder. This volume raises the teaching on angels to a new level of divine beings that serve God and point us to Him. O’Neal makes it all fit together. Hold on to your seat and be prepared for a blast off by this former NASA engineer.”

Dr. James E. Moore
President Christian Home & Bible School

“This is a delightful little book. Michael O’Neal has not only given us a very enjoyable and readable survey of the biblical stories about angels, but he has reminded us of the many ways that these incredible creatures point us back to the attributes of God. May the church be inspired and nourished by these timeless narratives that reveal the holiness, love, justice, and sovereignty of God.”

Jerry Rushford
Director of Church Relations Pepperdine University

“Mike provides a unique, encouraging, and often challenging glimpse behind the scenes of this physical world into the heavenly realms where we witness the glory of God through the ministry of angels.  I was blessed to revisit some of the greatest moments of history from an entirely new perspective.  The book enriches your own view of God and is presented in a way that makes it a great teaching tool.”

Scott Laird
Pulpit Minister, Great Falls Church of Christ

“This is not your commonplace angel book. We were impressed with O’Neal’s fresh insights into the complex character of God.  His nature is revealed through the perspective of those who know him best…. those who live with him….the angels.  What a great idea and what a wonderful book.”

Charlie & Gayle Griffin
Elder/High School Football Coach & Nurse

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