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And behold, a severe earthquake occurred,
for an angel of the Lord had descended from
heaven and came and rolled away the stone…
“He is not here, for He has risen…”
(Matthew 28:2,6)

Created for Good Deeds

By Michael A. O’Neal

Paul made a profound statement to the Ephesian church about those who’ve been saved by grace. He said, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works…” (Eph. 2:10). In this concise purpose statement, God spelled out a critical requirement for His people – we are to bring His goodness into the lives of others. Mike examines in Created for Good Deeds how God equips us for carrying out this divinely given purpose. Some of the topics investigated include how our good deeds serve as a light to the world, the importance of possessing a zealous spirit to perform good works, the essential characteristic of standing ready to meet the urgent needs of others, and the critical aspect of stimulating others to carry out good deeds. He also looks at how overcoming evil through good deeds stands at the pinnacle of mature Christianity.

Good deeds come in a variety of packages: some simple, some complex; some short in duration, some lengthy. Whereas some good works may not require any special gifts or skills to perform them, while others may necessitate a particular gift or training to carry them out. To help illustrate these characteristics of good deeds and to incite passion within the reader for specific good works, Mike interviewed a diverse mix of devout good-deed-doers and included their short stories throughout the book.

This book consists of eight chapters and includes several insightful questions at the end of each of them. By its very nature, Created for Good Deeds is an extremely practical book and would work well in Bible Classes, small groups, devotional settings, as well as for one’s personal study.

Table of Contents – Created for Good Deeds

Preface & Acknowledgements
1. Divine Purpose
2. Keeping the Lights On
3. Called as Zealots
4. Ever Ready
5. Engaging
6. Stimulating Propositions
7. Overcoming
8. Moving Forward

A portion of the royalties from Created for Good Deeds will go to support the precious work of the Mount Dora Children’s Home.

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