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And behold, a severe earthquake occurred,
for an angel of the Lord had descended from
heaven and came and rolled away the stone…
“He is not here, for He has risen…”
(Matthew 28:2,6)

Touching the Face of the Cosmos

By Michael A. O’Neal

Mike wrote an essay in this anthology titled, “Faith in Space: A Christian Perspective.” It consists of a compilation of encouraging faith stories involving several of the astronauts during their missions. As such, these accounts will provide you a glimpse of how some of the astronauts engaged and nurtured their faith while in space. Several topics are addressed, including: the Apollo 8’s spiritual Christmas eve message to the Earth; the importance of prayer; how spiritual music, worship, and times of devotion were incorporated; and how one astronaut drew on God’s Word and His presence during the resolution of a serious problem on the International Space Station.

Readers need to be aware that not all the essays contained in this book are written from a Christian perspective. Authors are from a broad array of religious and philosophical backgrounds and are mostly written by academicians. The book also contains a number of interesting science fiction stories that contain some form of spiritual/religious aspect to them.

A portion of the royalties from Touching the Face of the Cosmos will go to support the precious work of the Mount Dora Children’s Home.

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