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Holy God, Holy People

Holy God, Holy People Front Cover

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A portion of the royalties from Holy God, Holy People will go to support the precious work of the Mount Dora Children’s Home.

Holy God, Holy People

FLEX Adult Bible Study Curriculum
By Michael A. O’Neal
God’s Word tells us that we are to be holy, because God is holy. By itself, this sounds a little daunting, but when we also consider the abstract nature of holiness, what does God really expect from us lowly humans? Holy God, Holy People explores the holy nature of our triune God and the developmental aspects of holiness in the individual Christian. Scripture speaks of holiness as being imparted at salvation but also as progressive. To obtain and maintain a relationship with God these concepts are critical to understand. While investigating the progressive nature of holiness, this study identifies its goal in our lives and the role of the many things God has put in place to help us be successful. Practical insights are included in each chapter to aid the student in their journey to become a true “holy one” of God.

Table of Contents – Holy God, Holy People

1. Why Study About Holiness
2. No One Is Like Him!
3. One Hundred Percent Pure
4. Jesus and the Holy Spirit
5. Holy Ones
6. The Onset of Holiness
7. A Lifelong Progression
8. The Goal of Holiness
9. Holiness and the Spirit’s Role (Part 1)
10. Holiness and the Spirit’s Role (Part 2)
11. Holiness and Our Role
12. The Holy Church
13. The Ultimate Expression of Holiness

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